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'Mystery Ride
Well it was so mysterious that virtually no one turned up. Dan and I, dripping wet, waited patiently at the Wheatsheaf and were just about to go home when Baz roared in.
Badger had to cancel so he was going to take us. So the 'big' band of brothers roared off. Well as far as the petrol station. Baz filled up and Dan had to make a makeshift repair as his speedo cable had come off! Good start to the evening. Halfway there coming into a PB 1roundabout my engine died and the resulting skid as exhilarating (not), remembered to pull in clutch before powering across in front of the traffic. I was a little cautious after that on the wet country roads. Baz picked up Tara on the way through Brill to Ludgershall.
On arrival we were met by a lovely lady welcoming us to her village, and encouraging us to have tea coffee and cakes at her daughters' stall. Which we did. Not many bikes as weather was not really biking friendly although it was actually dry all evening. Some fun bikes and a few tents displaying wares.
Our bikes did attract a lot of attention. Dan, however was attracted to the traveling Bar caravan (ideas flashing through his brain no doubt). We met up with our latest vulture,PB 2 Bob the Landie Salesman, and Keith's bike was also there although we didn't see him. After perusing the bikes and seeing the fireman breaking into a car, jaws of death style; although I couldn't quite see the significance of that to a bunch of bikers; I had another emergency.
I realised that my week long tummy problem was going to be a problem. So I prevailed on the lovely lady with the beautiful thatched home and enjoyed her hospitality in the smallest room.

So what could have been a fabulous evening out was a bit of a damp squib but fun all the same.